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Hi, I am Christina! I look forward to booking

your Botox, Facial filler services, wellness

programs and injections as well as helping you

on your weight loss journey!

We are located at 2554 Lewisville Clemmons RD

Suite 110 (the Bronze Building)

Clemmons, NC 27012

You can book online or always feel free to

call or text me at 336-399-0585

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I am truly thankful that God has given me the skills to help people feel more confident about themselves and love who they are!

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2554 Lewisville Clemmons Road Suite 110, Clemmons, NC 27012 336-399-0585

Angelic Aesthetics

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*Jeuveau “tox” Normally $14/unit-Currently $10/un

Lips Plus Normally $750 a syringe-Currently $500

Facial Filler Normally $750 a syringe-Currently $500

I am HAPPY to announce New

wellness & weight loss programs!!!

skinny shot - $60 each or 4 for $200

Immunity (TRI Immune Boost) - $60 each or 4 for $200

b12 Shot - for Energy & Endurance

$40 each or 4 for $125

There are other hard to get medications in which would require a weight loss Management program

I would require a consult on this program with the patient to provide the last physical and lab values

to be evaluated.

Additional promotions include $40 off of Jeuveau Quarterly

Buy 50 u of Tox and get 20 free ($240 value)

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Angelic Aesthetics

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Angelic Aestetics


Win Toxin Therapy for a Year

Spend $100 and you are entered in a drawing

Buy 50 Unit of Toxins and get 20 units free for your next visit

Introductory Prices still applicable 10/u for tox (normal 14/u) and $500 for HA Fillers (normal $750 a syringe)

Skinny shot promo 4 for $200

Tri Immunity Injections 4 for $200 ad B12 injections 4 $125

Coming soon

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